Teardown Projects:

Just a quick note — don’t bother with the Discord channel. While a precious few are helpful, its mostly filled with people that like to snipe from the edges if you ask a question they deem to be unworthy. You’re better off researching using the Lua 5.1 docs, and the Modding API. I’ll try to post examples to help, when I get a chance. I have a lot of notes.

Update – Modding Basics In Teardown – a list of videos covering modding topics posted August, 2022.


Making my own car, but with a slight twist. Omni-directional steering! (Among other things.)

Virtual Trading Floor

An attempt to model a trading floor in the game “Teardown”, based on the CME circa 2005 – 2008.

Virtual Mechanic

A quick proof-of-concept for a parts system that allows the player to install or remove things from a given assembly.

General Engine Notes

Miscellaneous things I’ve discovered on the way, relating to the Teardown Engine and lua coding within it.