This covers different things I’m messing with, game engines, tools, content pipeline utilities, the whole ball of wax. It all lives here, including code, to help out anyone working on similar things.


This will be folded into the category above, but exists here for now.

Some things that I’m working on in Houdini, the premiere software package for special effects and procedural mesh rendering. I’ve been diving back in recently, so I’ll update when I have more progress to share.

Audio Blog

Best laid plans and all. Haven’t had the time to devote to it, but leaving this placeholder for when I can record something.


Here’s some things I’ve worked on, either remixes or original pieces. Been a bit since updating this, working on a larger project now where this will come into play again.


A sample of some stories I’ve written, and shorter pieces from my writer’s notebook. Like I mentioned above, working on something else, so there will be more – but in another medium.

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