Mirror, Mirror

Please help me.

I know you’re looking for proof, some kind of evidence that my fate is what I say it is. I don’t have the means to provide pictures or video. You’re going to have to rely on my personal account of what is happening. I’m influencing electrons in your computer’s memory, collapsing them to states that show these words on your screen. There’s scary things happening all around me, and I’m barely hanging on. Please believe me.

Remember the double-slit experiment from Physics class? The one with a single light source and two vertical openings, projecting on a screen? Its meant to show the duality of light, how it exhibits characteristics of a particle and a wave. Well, they got half of it right. It feeds right into quantum theory, where observing reality produces a given result. Now I know, there’s a whole bunch of hand-waving theory in here, usually concerning cats and radioactive decay and all that other nonsense.

Honestly, I think its because someone in the past discovered exactly what I have, and was so frightened by it they immediately began to obfuscate things to protect everyone from the truth. Or from personal destruction, I guess. Anyway, I can’t tell you all the details, because it will only encourage you to fiddle with reality and that’s the last thing I need right now.

All I can tell you is, its a synthesis between the double-slit experiment ramped up to an entirely different level. You know that the brain’s neurons have microtubules in the cell structure that use quantum effects, right? Well, turns out that is because we’re all embedded in this… structure. I can’t really call it anything else, because unless you’ve seen it, you wouldn’t understand.

I was fiddling around in my home lab when it happened.

I’ve always had an interest in science, and even though I didn’t pursue it in college, I had collected some equipment to perform my own experiments. I was doing my souped-up version of the double-slit experiment, using a salvaged Helium-Neon laser and a few other devices I can’t mention. I put on my safety goggles and flipped the switch.

The familiar banding was there on the screen, and I began adjusting the controls.


It was like a sine wave had materialized on the screen, but not made of laser light. It was… embedded in the screen itself. Not tearing the fabric, just an actual displacement, a rift of amplitude between the flat surface and the wave itself. Thinking I was seeing things, I turned up the gain to be sure.


The crescendo of the sound was flowing through me, and I could FEEL it. Not like standing near a loudspeaker at a concert. It felt like I was moving at right-angles to something else. I wasn’t prepared for what happend next.

The walls, the screen, the entire ROOM started to flicker, like a strobe light firing and at every light burst, that was when everything existed. I was in full panic mode at this point, I tried to hit the switch to stop the experiment, but my hand passed right through it.


A grid, sensations of falling yet staying in the same place. My limbs were everywhere but nowhere, my feet on the ground and then on nothing at all. The feeling of alternating infinite plains and earthly sensation wobbled through my mind, until I settled down. Then slowly, I could.. see things.

And what I saw I hoped couldn’t see me.

There were legions of them, leaping around the grid and other formations that I struggle to describe. Something told me I wasn’t in normal euclidian space, where 90 degree angles and the pythagorean theorem still applied. I stayed in this state for a while, slowly pulling myself together. I felt like I was condensing and consolidating. Part of my fear was validated when I saw one of the creatures attack another, and it just incorporated the remains into its body. Not so much eating, but absorbing.

That’s when I felt out for my lab, for anything. The surging electrons of patterned computer memory tickled my fingers, and I knew there was some connection left. It took all of my will to summon the effort of flipping things just so, imagining these words materializing on a screen somehwere. Here’s what I need you to do.

I need you to go into a dark room, and face a mirror. You have to say my name three times, slowly. Focus on me, think about how you want nothing more than to see my face. Its just a hunch, but if I can get you to do this, it will allow me to break through the barrier that I stepped into unwittingly. It has to happen in the dark, because I don’t want the other things to see you when the link is established.

Please, believe in me. I’m not sure how long I’ll exist here if you don’t.

I’ve only been gone a few seconds, but to me it feels like forever.