I was sitting near the driver, looking around when I caught the reflection of the knife. He was sitting towards the back, twirling the blade, trying to decide who’s credit was negative enough for him to collect his kill. I was fine, paid up and racked at AAA – “Responsible and open to new offers of credit” my agency said, which is why I kept looking.

He found her a few minutes later. Younger girl, trying to use her baseball cap as a facial dodge, but that never worked. She must’ve been watching too much drama-series, lol. Only an idiot would think superficial disguise would conceal the truth. Curious, I punched up her rating – Oh man. Solid red, FFF. Ratings agencies classified this as “FFF – Freeloader or scam artist, dispose with verifiable evidence – Bounty not always applicable.”

Damn, this is going to be good.

He edged forward, hands alternating between the vertical support poles and the knife he was holding. He must be good, because usually close-contact weapons were stunners and not thin-milled blades of quality steel. Angling in, he waited right behind her, near the back exit door.


She grabbed the line, signaling the driver. Heh, she thinks she’s home free. Adjusting her cap, she shouldered her gaudy purse and made her way to the back exit. Standing there, oblivious. Right when the bus lurched to a stop, he made his move. Straight in, one arm around her neck and the other guiding the blade.

A single “Urkk” escaped her lips, and he carried her out like a parcel he was about to ship to his grandmother.

Goddamn, what a professional.

I can’t wait until I’m old enough to hunt.