Future, Redacted

Goddamn meddlers.

It was bad enough, fighting the vertigo and the unavoidable mind-splitting migraine from being hurled back in time 500 years. And now, so close to the objective, and one of these damn natives [Future Event Redacted].

It was in a bar, where I had to make sure [Target Redacted] was going to meet her future boyfriend so he’d go on to [Implied Future Redacted]. I was taking it easy, sitting there minding my own business, when this neanderthal stumbles up and asks me for a cigarette. I didn’t have any dried dirty weeds on me, and even if I did, I wouldn’t want to touch one because of the [Future Known Fact Redacted] they had on the human body, just through contact alone.

Anyway, this guy doesn’t understand “no”, and he keeps pressing the issue. I get fed up – Yes, I know, I really should’ve been taking some stabilizers to avoid that – but I get to the point where its going to take some gentle force to get the situation resolved. I was near the 15 minute window until [Target Redacted] was supposed to show, and I couldn’t tolerate any interference.

So I guided him out to the front, and around the corner into the alley.

“Here’s your cigarette.”, and promptly shot him full of some protein decouplers. Yeah, I know, messy as hell – but I didn’t have time for being mister nice guy, whole [Future Timeline Redacted] were at stake here.

As he slumped to the ground, slowly dissolving from the inside, all I heard was “But I have a date….”

Oh godammn shi–

[Timeline Terminated]