VTF – Furnishings And Destruction

After getting all the sprites working for different orientations on the quoteboards, it was time to turn to filling in the floor with authentic props, at least partially.

See! No rain, but some of my temporary measuring tools like that striped stick. The floor is supposed to resemble the raised-dot pattern used on high-wear surfaces at the exchange.
Frontal view, the contrast of the sprites on the quoteboard is pretty obvious here, but the lighting won’t be anywhere near full noon when the environment is fully built out.
Getting the vertical offsets right. The purple was lifted directly from images of the CME floor from the time period I’m modeling. The floor booths indeed looked like this, with carpet inserts, grey metal and plastic framing.

I ended up reworking these pieces so they were more modular – then I could import them into the editor and piece together what I needed. Making large format models sometimes makes sense, but not in this case. Also its easier to make changes when you only have a few components to edit.

Floating quoteboards, booth stands and a inset octagonal trading pit, which took longer to build than I care to admit. The sub-flooring also has a full metal support structure just like the real trading floor did.

As I was building (and destroying, as this game fully allows) I realized I needed a system to detect that damage so the sprites weren’t just floating in the air if they got destroyed by any projectiles or fire. One thing about this game, the fire simulation and smoke physics are top-notch.

Just a touch ‘o fire, to test the sprites winking out of existence. Pretty cool.

As you can see from the video, I got some of the lights defined and glowing, but no specific sources set yet. Things tend to lag when a lot of point sources are added, so I’ll just add the minimum to give it some presence. I may add some slight highlights for the sprites as well so they’re captured in reflections from the ground plane.

Next up, dynamic signs so I can label the columns with the proper instrument name.

More to come…